Request open till sunday…

Alright guys! Thank you all for those amazing requests you sent me! I got a whole bunch of really good stuff right now and I’m eager to start working on them! 

Just in case, I’m gonna leave the requestbox open till sunday if someone missed the first announcement and has a good game/movie AU that they really want to see ;) 


I hope you don't mind me asking but I saw your gruvia wedding picture and it was absolutely stunning. I was just wondering what pencils you used to outline it. I also have procreate but I haven found any of the brushes suitable for lineart. I don't mean to bother you so I hope I'm not being intrusive.

Aww thank you! Don’t worry, you’re not bothering me at all! :)

I usually do the sketching part with the HB Pencil:

I then lower the opacity on the sketch and add a new layer:



To get to your question, I use the Technical Pen that you find in the Inking category when I do my lineart:



As you can see in the right side of the pic, that’s the size and opacity level I usually have when working on the outlining. it’s around 40-50% in size and around 30-40% in opacity. 

I hope this helped you a little and I’m glad to see that others are using Procreate too! :D


Hello! I'm a huge fan of your work (it's so beautiful it hurts)! :) You are actually what inspired me to draw FT. I was just curious how long your pieces take to create (draw, color, etc.), and also have you had any formal drawing classes? Sorry to bother you, but your work is so impressive, I just had to ask! :)

Thank you!!! Oh, you’re not bothering at all! Quite the opposite! I’m glad my messy drawings can be an inspiration for others! 

About the questions. I’ve never taken any formal drawing class, but I’m watching a lot of tutorials and speed-paintings on youtube to get inspiration and to learn new stuff. I highly recommend you to check out Cubebrush, he has some really good tips and tricks when it comes to drawing.

My own drawings varies in time, it can take me around 2 hours up to 10 hours to finish a drawing. It all depends on how big it is and how many details I’m adding in to it. I’m still struggling when it comes to coloring, that’s my achilles heel and what takes up most of the drawing time (the sketching and the lineart takes around an hour to make)

Feel free to just ask if you have any more questions! :)