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REQUESTS CLOSEDMicaela, 22, Sweden..The Daily life is PACKED with work, university studies and my favorite sport, MTB CX. I'm a huge Yowamushi Pedal fan, but I do have a soft spot for Fairy tail and Ruler of the Land.

  • feariteiru said: Oh my god. The fact that you do alllll that on an iPad makes me feel jealous! People are always like “you draw on an iPad? LAME” and then I show them your work (with credit of course) and they drool in awe!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!!
    Aaaaaaaaww!!! That’s really sweet of you!! Yeah a lot of people underestimate drawing on the ipad. But I really like it. it’s very convenient and I can draw wherever I am since I always have it with me. :) 
laurellec said: I've never msgd anyone on here... but i found your blog for the first time today and i'm so in love now! I had to tell you because I'm not sure how you don't have even MORE notes on your amazing and astounding pieces!please never stop!!


Thank you!! I’m so glad that you found my little tumblr page!!

And  don’t worry about the notes. As long as you guys who follow me likes what I’m drawing, I’m more than happy! Love you guys!!

mylovehatesituations said: I literally just stumbled across your blog and now I'm in love plus you ship all my ships! This must be fate... :D


Thank you!! Yeah, fangirls stick together, especially FT fans ;) 

wolfie914 said: I'm so obsessed with your art. All your artwork are so perfect


cerulean-tmp said: TBH I'm totally more attracted to Gajeel without the spikes :X


Wooaa!! You’re my savior (since I can’t draw spikes)!!  Thank you!!! <3

Was working on upcoming AOG last night. But I got sidetracked and ended up doing a Cobra sketch ^^