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Micaela | 26/9 | Sweden

My life is PACKED with work, university studies and my favorite sport, MTB CX. I'm a huge Yowamushi Pedal fan, but I do have a soft spot for Fairy tail and Ruler of the Land.

Alright my sweet naughty NaLu followers!  remember that you guys requested me to draw more Nalu smut some time ago? Well, I’ve finally started to work on it and it’s gonna be a “part two” on Nicole4211’s fanfic: Afternoon treat 
I’m still not sure if I should post it here on my main page, since it’s gonna be quite a… revealing drawing. Please let me know how you guys feel about it or if you have another solution  ^^
becomingcomely said: Åhhh jag blir alltid lika glad när jag finner svenskar på tumblr!!! Måste säga att du målar helt fantastiskt, absurt hur vackert du målar Gajeel!

Åhh!! Tack så mycket!! Samma här!! Härligt framförallt att se att det finns fler svenskar som har en förkärlek för Fairy Tail! ;D 

Anonymous said: I absolutely love you're art. Gajevy versions really inspires me. Earlier back you talked pointed out how it feels weird to draw Gajeel with his spiky hair. (Given that your style is more wavy) I just wanted to let you know that you actually rock at drawing him with spikes!


Woah! T-thank you! Just the thought that my messy art can be inspiration for someone else makes me blush like crazy! <3

But I probably won’t do the spikey hair again. The long wavy hair has some how become “my thing” ^^

caramel-deer said: Your drawing style is incredibly beautiful :)

woaa!! T-thank you!! <3

Anonymous said: Omg! I just love your art based from the gladiators fanfic. <33

Thank you!!!
I was really inspired by this chapter! Nicole4211 did an amazing job on it!
But I do feel a bit embarrassed for not manage to color them in time.. Oh, well.. I’ll be posting 10 Age Of Gladiator drawing soon, all colored this time! ;D

Anonymous said: Don't let people be rude to you because you are amazing. I just get angry when someone as great as you gets hate just for doing an alternate version of certain project. Don't stop being gorgeous, because that's why you are my favorite artist :) Your recent Gajevy, Gruvia and Laxana are the best out there (and my three biggest OTP's too) and that's a fact, people are just jealous.

Thank you so much Anon!! <3
Don’t worry, I won’t! ;)
Instead, I’ll continue to draw the characters in FT that we all love ^^

Anonymous said: Natsu?