approve on the run

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icapturedthesun said: Ajsnsjsbajgsjxnsksbns I LOVE your art!!!! You're so incredibly talented!!! Can we please be friends?? :3 You're super awesome!!!


aaaawww!! Thank you so much!! Of course we can! :)

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cherrytothecola said: How did I not come across this wonderous blog sooner!?


But Iā€™m really happy that you did now! Thank you!!

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Anonymous said: Lol i see alot of people want to see some nalu smut šŸ˜œ i've never seen any of your nalu drawings but they must be pretty amazing, cant wait till your next one (;

fufufu! Yeah I know! Should probably start working on those nalu smut soon ^^

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medusasbow said: aah, I saw a bixlow drawing.. my day is perfect already <3 Still loving your art and drooling over your bixlow drawing (A)


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sexypixiie said: are all those drawing yours?! they are amazing..

Aww!! Thank you!! Yeah they’re mine *blush*

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Anonymous said: YOUR ART IS AMAZING!!!!! I love them!!~

T-thank you anonymous.. <3

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